Healing Yoga & Sound - April 2019

Myra Nicol holding heart bells

Falling in love with yourself again - that is pure Sacred Sound

Date: Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Venue: Burgess Hill School for Girls

Time: 8.15 pm

During this session we will:

-Move the body through a cleansing Chi Gung/Yoga practice to Duduk music
-Meditate on our intentions, hopes and dreams for the Next moon cycle
-Relax to deep healing vibrations of Tibetan Bowls, gentle sounds and rainshakers

...and share a cup of Yogi tea & Ayurvedic chocolate with like-minded people.

"I don't believe in Miracles, I rely on them"

Yogi Bhajan


"What unfolds from this place is not for us to understand, it is for us to witness as miracles"

Cost £15 (£12 early bird offer)

Please wear comfortable clothes, lighter in colour if possible.

Ideally you should bring a yoga mat, two blankets and a small pillow for under your head.

No experience needed, and no need to be flexible, or even sit in a meditative pose. Chairs available 

"This is energy work - it starts with the breath, an open mind and a sprinkling of magic"

Or email myranicol@gmail.com with any queries about the event

Gongmaster Allan with huge tibetan gong

Allan from Chithurst Buddhist Monastery. His teacher's teacher was Don Conreaux famous for his World Peace Gong and Bell Gardens worldwide.

"My focus is to induce mental relaxation which allows for healing of the individual. However I am intensely aware that the tone vibrations emanated during the session have the ability to work collectively on the whole of humanity to engender peace and to expand minds globally."


woman's face wearing a myra nicol stay sexy eyemask

Made to order Myra Nicol's 'Yoga Nidra Eyemask' is a locally handcrafted product made from the softest of materials and designed to wrap around the eye socket without undue pressure on the eyes. The mask can be folded in different ways to increase or reduce heat or rest across the brow. Reports have show that it:

  • reduces eyestrain and neck/shoulder tension
  • brings about a deeper experience of relaxation
  • Improves the sleeping experience

We all spend too much time in front of computer screens and it has resulted in a condition called 'Computer Vision Syndrome'

In the UK 80% of us suffer from it on a daily basis. Eye strain, blurred vision or dryness in the eyes are common symptoms which also link to neck and shoulder stiffness"

"I opened two gifts this morning...they were my eyes" 

Gift wrapped - £30
Small brass Shiva with a tealight in the foreground

Myra Nicol came to yoga in 1979. Her first teacher, Peter Ballard was taught directly from BKS Iyengar who brought Yoga to the West in the 1960’s. The book ‘Light on Yoga’ by Iyengar has now become a yoga classic carries a forward from Yehudi Menuhin the world famous violinist.

As a nurse in the 1980’s, then a mother Myra Nicol worked to acquire a high standard of practice and study which resulted in her BWY Teachers diploma which was recognised at the time by the Sports Council of England.

Her teachers during this 10 year period included Indar Nath, Angela Thompson and Derek Ireland who introduced her to Ashtanga Yoga in 1993.  Realising that individual practice was not her calling she pursued Yoga Therapy and worked extensively with Dr Robin Monroe author of ‘Yoga for common ailments’ who was conducting trials on Yoga for asthma at the Yoga Biomedical Trust at Great Ormond Street.

Following the birth of her 4th child in 1997 she began training as a Montessori Teacher, running her own nursery ‘The Childrens House’ where she worked extensively with special needs children including ADHD and dyspraxia. This was the impetus for ‘Yogazoo’ an imaginative Yoga for children 4-12 years and also ‘Stretch & Glow’ for pregnancy and post natal.

Myra is also a keen singer and has performed solo pieces most recently ‘Panis Angelicus’ at her childhood church ‘Our Lady Star of the Sea’ in Tilbury Essex. She was also the creator and co-performer for ‘Down Memory Lane’ seasonal variety shows which entertained the elderly in many nursing homes in Sussex

“Yoga is like music, the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the Symphony of Life”

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, yoga master, born 14 December 1918; died 20 August 2014


Please aim to arrive 8.05 (not before please).. we will start promptly at 8.15pm.
Mats and chairs will be available for those who have requested them.
We will be in the 'Oaks Hall' which is accessed from Keymer Road (the main road). It's the first gate on the left as you approach from the railway station.
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"