Yoga Classes: Thursday 7.30 Town Hall, Boltro Rd, Haywards Heath RH16 1BA


Myra Nicol (British Wheel of Yoga qualified Teacher 30 years and experienced Yoga Therapist)

Latest News Spring 2019

"I'm so thrilled to bring you news of my handcrafted Yoga Nidra Eyemask"

The feedback from my private clients over the last year has shown

  • soothing of the eyes in cases of hayfever 
  • reduced eyestrain and neck/shoulder tension
  • deeper experience of relaxation
  • better sleeping at night (blocks out daylight in summer

We all spend too much time in front of computer screens and it has resulted in a condition called 'Computer Vision Syndrome'

In the UK 80% of us suffer from it on a daily basis. Eye strain, blurred vision or dryness in the eyes are common symptoms which also link to neck and shoulder stiffness.

"I opened two gifts this morning...they were my eyes" 

woman's face wearing a myra nicol stay sexy eyemask

Join us! Yoga designed for You

  • Just £48 for 5 sessions
  • Easy to learn sessions in carpeted room overlooking the town. Candles, music and ambience
  • Starts Thursday 2nd May at 7.30 pm
  • Beginner friendly Yoga 5 week introductory
  1. Discover which postures are best for your back, occupation, sports, and medical problems
  2. Breathe correctly to improve mental function, increase energy levels &  learn how to relax
  3. Easy steps to Meditation to lower anxiety levels and improve your performance
Places are limited to ensure your comfort and safety
Email to reserve your place now
Head on view of yoga teacher doing the dancer pose


Beginner? .. no problem - you'll be made to feel most welcome at our lovely Town Hall, 40 Boltro Road Haywards Heath which has been established since 1999. The building is carpeted throughout which means it's consistently warm.. with no draughts when you lay on the floor! Ample parking and the hall is just a short hop from the car. Mats are provided (unless you have one) and not to worry if you have any medical problems as the exercises will be modified or alternatives given so you can keep up with the flow of the class. Myra Nicol is extremely experienced and one of the most respected teachers in the South of England. She is also a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher and celebrates 40 years Yoga and 35 years teaching experience this year 2019. Her nurse training background will assure you get the best possible advice for any ailments. Based on Iyengar yoga but re-worked with love and pizazz Myra Nicol Yoga is the best way to get yourself into the best possible shape, mentally and physically during these exciting times. 

Access to the Yoga class is directly from the Town Hall car park through the blue side door and not through the main entrance.

Expand the map to see the precise entrance details.

The door is normally open and the classes are accessed by going along the corridor and then up the stairs to the first floor. 

Come along! Mats/blankets provided just remember to avoid a heavy meal before and wear loose fitting clothing. No trainers required - we work barefeet.

You'll feel at home in my Haywards Heath Yoga Class. It's warm relaxed and informal and my students love how the room feels after a long day at work.

Candles, essential oils and our Himalayan salt lamp give just the right atmosphere and there will be lots of fun with others like you who just want to get fit without the stress.

 Each of the sessions are designed to make you feel energised, calmer and week by week just a little bit more toned and in touch with your body.  

Yoga students at Myra Nicol yoga studio Haywards Heath practice the gate pose