Wednesday 7 pm at St Pauls College, Nr Triangle


Myra Nicol (British Wheel of Yoga qualified Teacher 30 years and experienced Yoga Therapist)

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Yoga designed for You



  • Beautifully dressed room with soothing lights, candles,aromatherapy and music
  • New to Yoga? book your £10 trial session for Wednesday 5th June
  • If you decide to join our friendly group then this is deducted from the block ie £30 for the month instead of £40
  • Limited spaces Book now myranicol@gmail.com
  1. Discover which postures are best for your back, occupation, sports, and medical problems
  2. Breathe correctly to improve mental function, increase energy levels &  learn how to relax
  3. Easy steps to Meditation to lower anxiety levels and improve your performance
Email myranicol@gmail.com to reserve your place now




Beginner? .. no problem - you'll be made to feel most welcome in our lovely Drama Rehearsal Room at St Pauls College opposite the Triangle in Burgess Hill  which has been established since January 2013.  The building is 'eco styled' which means it's consistently warm.. with no draughts when you lay on the floor! Ample parking and the room is just a short hop from the car. Mats are provided (unless you have one) and not to worry if you have any medical problems as the exercises will be modified or alternatives given so you can keep up with the flow of the class. Myra Nicol is extremely experienced teacher of Beginner Yoga. She is also a British Wheel qualified teacher and celebrates 40 years Yoga and 35 years teaching experience this year 2019.  Her nurse training background will assure you get the best possible advice for any ailments. Based on Iyengar yoga but re-worked with love and pizazz Myra Nicol Yoga is the best way to get yourself into the best possible shape, mentally and physically during these exciting times.

  • Enter St Pauls from the Triangle roundabout.
  • As you drive in go right at the mini roundabout in front of the main entrance.
  • Follow the road through the parking area and then go left along the service road to the additional parking. You may park here.
  • After about 100 metres, before you get to the conventional parking, turn left into the playground.
  • The Entrance to Yoga is in the diametrically opposite corner.
  • Expand the map to show the precise entrance details.
JSB yoga 70-min
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JSB yoga 74-min
JSB yoga 40-min
candle legs up wall-min