Treat yourself.. your body will love you for it

A one-to-one body shaping class with Myra Nicol has become a weekly treat for women who want to feel just a bit more special.  Using a gentle blend of Boudoir Yoga and body toning Myra will tease your body back into it's natural shape and mould your posture with precision. To further continue the process you can follow the regular programme of videos on Vimeo. These will take you through a 10 minute daily workout.

If general classes are more your thing then please click here for Burgess Hill School for Girls Tuesday 8pm and St Pauls College on Wednesdays at 7pm


Body Shaping Class - featuring Boudoir Body Tone, Yoga & Deep relaxation.

Cost £80 for one hour session 

Venue: Myra Nicol Toning Studio

Availability: FULLY BOOKED FOR 2019

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