Myra Nicol Yoga Classes in West Sussex

Beginner friendly for men and women. Mix and match classes for £40 per month


Tuesday - Burgess Hill at 8.15 pm

Wednesday - Burgess Hill at 7.00 pm

Thursday - Haywards Heath at 7.30 pm

Shift worker? no problem you can mix and match classes for £40 per month.


Burgess Hill School for Girls, Keymer Road

Tuesday 8.15 pm

St Pauls College, Jane Murray Way, Burgess Hill RH15 8GA

Wednesday 7 pm





Haywards Heath Town Hall

Thursday 7.30 pm

Mix and Match your classes here and at Burgess Hill for £40 per month


40 Boltro Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1BA


I aim to give you the best possible experience of relaxation whilst working your body into great shape. 

The Town Hall in Haywards Heath (Thursday 7.30 pm) is an oasis of peace and calm. Just a few minutes walk from the main railway station with easy links to London and 2 minutes to the well known "Orange Square"where you can sample a range of high class cafes and eateries after your class.

Established for 15 years this is probably the best space for Yoga in Haywards Heath. The elegant room is on the first floor and there are fine French windows and a balcony overlooking the town. The whole building is decorated to a high standard and tastefully carpeted for your comfort. The room itself is beautifully lit with lamps ... and candles for atmosphere.

The Drama Rehearsal Room, St Pauls Burgess Hill (Weds 7 pm) is where you’ll find the best Yoga for Beginner’s Classes in Sussex. Again carpeted with theatre lighting it makes for an ambient space and easy transition for ‘newbies’ into the world of Yoga and relaxation. Like The Town Hall in Haywards Heath it’s a hop from the car to the yoga mat so no parking worries.

If you’re in need of Yoga Therapy for your back or joints then these classes are for you! With a nurse training background and 35 years experience of teaching Yoga(BWY dip)  you will be in safe hands. Exercises can be modified for you.. or maybe you’ll be given alternatives but the main aim is that you’ll keep in step with the group’s pace and sample the wonderful healing energy from the class. 


"Diffused Geranium and lemongrass will give you the ultimate feeling of peace and harmony. A joy for the senses and the best way to relax"