‘Under the Bed’ Storage Box

The Under-the-Bed Storage Box by ‘Stay Sexy’

Perfect for keeping those precious items tucked away stylishly

A Boudoir Essential. The ever popular Under-the-bed storage box has been lovingly handcrafted in Cornwall and embossed with the iconic ‘Stay Sexy’ logo in a subtle shade of shimmering pink.

It’s the perfect way to complement your decor – vintage or modern and designer dimensions allow it to slide smoothly under your bed for ‘out of sight’ storage. With one stylish touch your ‘Stay Sexy’Storage box will bring order & magic to your boudoir all at the same time.

Keep your Stay Sexy mantra bubbling as you ‘kondo’ your space.  Keep it Sexy.. simple”


Length 45 cms

Wide 29 cms

Deep 11 cms

£49 including p&p Shipping to UK only


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