MindSlim - Bringing Mind and Body in Harmony


  1. Destructive urges to binge or overeat.
  2. Comfort eating habits
  3. Low self esteem and body image issues

You are not alone. More and more women are suffering and so many feel like giving up as they're bombarded by yet another faddy diet or body blasting plan. Weight problems can show up during the menopause as your body adjusts to the fluctuating level of hormones. But this isn't helped by other problems; children leaving home, care of elderly parents, career, money, relationship problems – you name it.

During these episodes of stress it's shown that there is a shortwire to your higher self so responses will be more primal ‘fight or flight’or ‘stock up with food'.

Also when a woman's body gets anxious it throws the endocrine system ‘out of sync’ and for some it can feel like an internal avalanche. The biggest chemical culprit is cortisol which, during stress attacks is released in large amounts into the bloodstream and causes (among other things) the dreaded tummy fat. This is a real problem during menopause and many women find they suffer now more than ever before


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"What is necessary to change a person?.. change his awareness of himself" Abraham Maslow


Science has proved that everything begins in the mind and during history there have been astonishing cases of triumph through adversity. Mind over matter was a popular saying when I was a child. And we hear daily of special people who have overcome difficulties. Against all odds.


The biggest myth is that overweight people do not have willpower. This is not the case. For some people there is a subtle distortion in their psychology that perceives eating less food as a threat to their well-being. So when they are presented with positive thoughts, suggestion and psychotherapy their subconscious digs in its heels. It can even make the problem worse as the mind develops more resistance

Why affirmations don't work

No matter how much you repeat.. “I’m a slim person,  I’m a slim person” your internal system will not compute this so you’ll still carry on with your habits of overeating. The only way to cure your problem.. is to RELAX and go deep.



Attract the body you want

I have worked with meditation and the ‘Law of Attraction’ for many years and experienced amazing results. It was during intensive study of the Esther Hicks ‘Abraham’ works that the script for Mindslim ‘dropped in’one morning and flowed effortlessly off my pen.

On reading it back I could see that I had encapsulated the whole essence of successful weight loss in the format of The Law of attraction in one take.

Now it is recorded as Mindslim I am certain there is nothing else like it out there.


The hypnotic music of Mindslim is courtesy of Phil Coupland (who also edited my videos so beautifully). He provides my first testimonial as well. Phil was intimately involved with the recording and reports having lost half a stone over 3 weeks without any deliberate dieting. Great news!

Phil Coupland on the case with Myra Nicol's publicity photoshoot

Mindslim works like magic

With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....


 Stay Sexy Mindslim Audio  has been lovingly crafted to bring you into a light state of altered awareness as you are guided with a gentle voice to an oasis of tranquility and healing.The hypnotic music has been designed to take you to the deep subconscious part of the mind. Here you will plant seeds of slimness, hope and vitality believing that you have already everything in place that’s necessary to attract a slim healthy body. By listening to the recording daily you will notice subtle changes in your attitude to food and eating.

 On a subliminal level your mind will receive messages which will help you

refuse that second helping of cake

* want to eat healthy food

* feel better about your body

And this is because you will say goodbye to old habits and develop new ones in an easy way so it won’t feel like a sacrifice. This is because the impetus will come from your authentic self and be fashioned with love. Remember..

Our lives are designed by our rituals.

Stay Sexy Mindslim will help you shed pounds and allow you to say goodbye to the past. It will help you become the best version of you.

I believe that MindSlim is the Ultimate Recording for Losing Weight .. and staying motivated for Life. 

But even more I want to help you become the Master of your own Life as you come to believe

An ideal is an idea you have fallen in love with.




Listen to a clip from the MindSlim Audio


With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....