Welcome to Mindmagic  the ultimate mind conditioning series for the Menopause. Designed especially for you the modern woman with multiple commitments who may be needing a bit of help during these times of great change.

The five part series will ultimately consist of 

Mindslim for weight loss/food addictions/self-image issues

Yoga Nidra for insomnia, drug/alcohol dependency & withdrawal/chronic pain /burn out/finding life purpose

Relaxaway  for hot flushes

HRT for the mind for sexual healing 

... and you’re now ready to start the first part of your journey: to completely transform your relationship to food and how you think about yourself and your body.

During menopause as the ovaries start to decline the task of producing sex hormones is taken over by the adrenal glands. During this changeover the body may also lay down a little extra fat (adipose tissue) to also ensure there’s another source of oestrogen supply vital for a woman’s health. The liver also plays its part filtering out any excess hormones to prevent them from causing increased weight gain and fluid retention. 

Boudoir Yoga has been specifically designed to massage these internal organs and also reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. The practice will also ensure that weight loss is evenly distributed and the body correctly remoulded.

However weight loss is not the only aim of Boudoir Yoga. It truly is holistic and wants to get to the core of who you really are. New psychology looks at the mind and motivating factors to see why many women are resistant to losing weight despite an endless cycle of dieting.


Tension: It is commonly thought that too much tension will make you thin and that if you are overweight you will only become fatter by relaxing. This however is not always the case as many women develop ‘mouth hunger’ not related to the stomach’s demands at all and  in times of stress find themselves snacking constantly to soothe their nerves. This results in:

  • Inability to enjoy food properly
  • Upsets natural hunger response

Insecurity:  This has deep emotional roots and can be linked to insecurity and sexual frustrations. Many women with deep feelings of insecurity experience themselves as ‘hollow inside’. By overeating they try to assuage their feelings of emptiness and lack of authentic ‘self’ by eating too much in an attempt to self soothe. By gaining weight this enables them to feel more solid inside, existing in their own right and having a sense of identity.

Anxiety: Because of suppressed anger and fear some women may feel that her fat acts as a ‘buffer’ to the world. Resentments, anger, loneliness, loss and pain are blotted out for a moment while eating and food provides an escape, a comfort, a momentary oblivion.

Narcotic: Chronically obese people use food as a narcotic drug, but like any other addict, the food junky feels tremendously guilty and overreacts by dieting and fasting. The compulsive eater feels a split between the ‘good person’ who starves, and the ‘bad’ person who stuffs. Food is consumed to the point of pain and there is no enjoyment in eating.

Fad diets

The reason fad diets don’t work is because they cannot resolve these inner emotional conflicts. The only way to provide the inner nourishment we need is to go within


With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....