Flirting with Dis...cipline

If someone had told me this meeting would change my life forever I would not have believed them.

Stepping out of the car into the freezing stillness of a pitch black January evening there were only stars and a reluctant waning moon to light my way. I groped around the tiny latched gates of a row of cottages looking for a sign. Then a sound… creak, like a moment from a Gothic thriller novel and there she stood, Dominatrix divine, Destiny Demonia wearing thigh high boots and swaddled in fur from nipped in waist to leather clad throat “Come on in Myra and get warm”

This was 2010 and I was hellbent on two things; getting my yoga business in shape and getting out of a 12 year marriage.

I could hear a male voice in the background and Orkadia Jurojin Prime appeared, looking pretty normal and gripping my hand whilst moving a cat with his foot out of the front door. “ You don’t like these buggers I hear..”

I laughed “no.. just a bit allergic. Pleased to meet you”

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Fun image of Myra Nicol

Pleased To Meet You

We’d been put in contact by a mutual friend. My computer guy actually and he’d told me about the Prime’s wild lifestyle but also what a brilliant photographer he was.

At the time I was feeling numb.. not only from the cold but also from another terrible row at home. These were the final days and it felt as if I was moving around the world on automatom

As I stood in front of the camera I forced a smile and reminded myself to breath. Something I was always saying to my class and as I moved through the postures, Warriors, balances and open hearted backbends I felt my confidence begin to rise.

Orkadia and Destiny were the best double act and seemed to pick up on my “vibes”. It wasn’t long before we were taking a break and I was pouring out my heart. “Did you bring a nice frock, love?” I looked up from the harem cushion where we were drinking tea from Christmas mugs and dipping bourbon biscuits.

Destiny was my Fairy Godmother.

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My Fairy Godmother

Lights, camera action… I’d never worn heels so high and tottered on Destiny's choice taken from a shelf of boxes that went on forever. The nylons were Orkadia's… just one of his many fetishes I was later to find out.

As I gripped the wall chain, yes this really was an S&M dungeon, my eyes slowly took in all the paraphernalia; masks, whips, chains. For a moment I felt an icy terror as I glimpsed a world in which there were no boundaries. Where love, sex and pain were all mixed up.

There was no time to think now as the next command was thrown at me “get on the floor, gorgeous girl and give me your loveliest smile” Destiny was a taskmaster and as I threw back my head Marilyn style I caught sight of a pouting mannequin lying provocatively on the shelf above me.

It felt awkward but Destiny was not letting me off the hook. “Bend that knee Spread those fingers, let’s see those lovely hands, point your toes. Look over your shoulder. Push your hip forward.” Orders, orders.

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Orders, Orders

Thanking my years of yoga training I submitted myself to her professional eye. She regaled me with stories about her modelling past and it felt like my first day in kindergarten. I had a lot to learn.

After two hours I was ready to throw in the towel but Destiny had other ideas. “I’ve got a lovely evening dress that would fit you.. let’s do something classy”

I felt like a little girl again as we rummaged through the dressing up box and I could tell Destiny was having fun too. I squeezed (just about) into her size 8 ball gown and as she rooted through her Mary Poppins bag for gloves and bling I caught sight of myself in the steamy reflection of the kitchen window. What on earth am I doing?

This time it was easier… back in the studio things slowed down and I was put up on a high stool. Sitting patiently as my hair was teased and makeup applied. I felt so loved.. a feeling that had long been missing in my life.

Destiny held the mirror in front of me

“ Oh boy, is that me!”

Elegant image of Myra Nicol
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Oh Boy! Is that Me?

Orkadia was impressed and gave me a paternal smile which made me melt even more.

“Let’s make you a writer. This is your first book launch and crowds of people are waiting in the other room to meet you”

I felt my breath, cool sliding as it warmed deep into my heart. Folded hands touched my nyloned knees. My head felt light as my eyes, determined. Looked deep into the camera. I smiled.

Boudoir Yoga was born.

Image of Myra Nicol in Boudoir Yoga shot