Boudoir Yoga - natural HRT for the body

"Change the way you move - emotion is created by motion"

Boudoir Yoga - the first ever 'women only' exercise system designed to combat menopause, gently and easily before it starts

Would you love to do Yoga but feel you're not bendy enough.. or maybe you're a bit unsure about the spiritual angle. . and what if you pluck up courage... then find the class is packed... with everyone looking like Gwyneth Paltrow? Your time is precious too... even one hour a week can feel like a bit commitment. Well then maybe Boudoir Yoga is for you.. a modern woman in a busy world.

Over the years I've taught many women who have known the frustration of failed diet plans, the boredom of 'spot toning' and the burn out of boot camps. They have come to me as a last resort - and got results. It's not difficult to get into Boudoir Yoga and I can assure you that very soon you'll be hooked.

It's been proven that women who start Yoga in their 20's are less likely to develop menopausal symptoms. However don't worry if you think you've 'missed the boat' Read on and find out how Boudoir Yoga can help you

Why have I put on weight.. is it the menopause?

Menopausal changes can start as early as your 40's when lower oestrogen levels from the ovaries cause a change in metabolism. However once you're onboard with the Stay Sexy Slim plan your body will be tricked into getting essential hormones from other parts of the body. The movements in Boudoir Yoga have been specially designed to deeply massage the kidneys and liver where there is a back up store of oestrogen. The adrenals and thyroid will also be charged to give your body's metabolism a surge to burn up calories for healthy weight loss.  Here's me at 54 doing a boudoir version of the Yoga 'fish pose'

Heavily contrasted image of Myra Nicol in Boudoir Yoga shot

I've heard that being stressed out can make you fat

Yes. Basically high anxiety levels cause comfort and binge eating... and raised cortisol will cause more belly fat. That's why I've produced the Stay Sexy: Mind Slim Audio..a 20 minute soothing voice session with just the right music to ensure you're in the best possible mindspace for your journey to slim heaven.


Do I need to buy the Stay Sexy Toning aids?

'Sexy Morning Stretch', Sensual & Body Toning do not require Stay Sexy Aids. Beautiful Buttocks, Luscious Legs, Sleek Stomach, Boticelli Breasts & Sexy Shoulders do. One of the features of using them is to enhance body reflexology and stimulate specific pressure points in the back and stomach, which work to stimulate hormone production, improve lymphatic drainage and help elimination of toxins. They also help you spot tone quicker.. less time on the mat means more time to have fun

How much time will I need to practice Boudoir Yoga?

I believe that any exercise must be focused, effective .. and FAST! My Boudoir Yoga Videos are short... most under 15 minutes long so you can do them whilst you’re waiting for the dinner to cook.

Boudoir Yoga really is the sexiest way to tone your body, relax your mind and get slim; all without leaving the comfort of your own boudoir. They can also libido charge your love life.. but that's another story.


Boudoir Yoga loves your body.. whatever its shape

Dare to be pear.. be happy with apple


It is not possible to change your basic shape but there are many ways you can improve your lot by learning with Boudoir Yoga to stretch and tone the right parts (more details below). Choosing the right beachwear is essential and making sure you highlight your assets is the best way to get noticed this summer.. in a good way.


In your 40's and 50's fluctuating oestrogen levels during menopause will make you more prone to cellulite as collagen production decreases. By practising Boudoir Yoga and using the Stay Sexy Body Brushing tutorial your legs, thighs and arms will soon be collagen rich and your skin will be glowing with health. 


Myra Nicol Day's End Goodbye

As you can see from the beach photo I am a curvy hourglass and my 22 year old niece is a lovely athletic rectangle. We are both about 5’ 2” tall.. and weigh around 8 stone. I've chosen a bikini to accentuate the waist and Laura's choice of a one piece shows off those legs beautifully


So this is is how the Stay Sexy Slim Plan gets you ready for summer and on course for the perfect beach body. With regular practice it works to:

  • Slim down hips and improve shoulder definition and bustline for Pear shapes
  • Deal with problem areas –stomach and buttocks for Rectangles
  • Keep weight in check for Hourglass and maintain balance between upper and lower body
  • Balance body shape by reducing stomach and toning bustline for Apples
  • Improve posture and develop flexibility for all body types

But over and above all of these things this remarkable series will increase your CONFIDENCE .. making you feel  Happier in your skin!

The best move you’ll ever make is to sign up today for a lifetime of beach holidays..without covering up



It’s a tried and tested programme of the most effective exercises that will be right for YOUR shape.  Helping you develop long lean muscle without bulk and slimming and toning legs, thighs and buttocks in the shortest possible time.


With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

Staying Sexy... isn't that what life is all about? Retaining your joie de vivre

I think so, and that's why, throughout my life I’ve looked to find what works for me as a woman. When what was needed wasn’t there I created it, which led to the creation of my Stay Sexy brand.

My brand, my life of 'Staying Sexy', is about both body & mind; keeping them toned and graceful. I tried to encapsulate that idea in my logo. yourself, Stay Sexy...

Every time I see it I am reminded of the good things in life.

Let it help you focus on the best side of life too, every time you see it.

Make a promise to yourself, Stay Sexy...

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Stay Sexy gifts are feminine presents to yourself - because you're special.


By affirming 'Stay Sexy'every day you'll notice how very quickly the mantra will take root; increasing your libido, improving your confidence and giving your life a zesty lift.


Boudoir Yoga - Body Toning Products

With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

I devised these following videos as the ultimate exercise system for women. For millennia, yoga was the sole province of men.


Boudoir Yoga is yoga reinvented for women... by a woman

Stay Sexy – and find true love in your life

Boudoir Yoga - Specific Body Toning Routines


Boudoir Yoga - Whole Body Toning Routines

With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....