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Boudoir Yoga: the easy way to stay young. Start your journey here.

Myra Nicol | Boudoir Yoga I'd love you to join me today on the Boudoir Yoga Members site where I can share with you a unique recipe of body, fitness and fashion styles.

In the 'Goddess Collection' of videos you'll discover gentle, easy stretches, mind calming tips and toning gems that I've fashioned over many years.

They have helped many women like you to find an easier way of achieving the body beautiful. Now you can follow that same journey and experience 'Success without the stress'.

Myra Nicol | Boudoir Yoga Discover an easy to learn programme that will bring amazing changes to your health, love-life and career. Sign up NOW for a free 30 day trial and be proud to be part of the New 'Love your body' Revolution.

Keep it Sexy... simple.

Myra Nicol | Stay Sexy Staying Sexy... isn't that what we all want? Retaining our joie de vivre? I think so, and that's why, throughout my life I’ve looked to find what works for me as a woman.

When it wasn’t there I created it. The Stay Sexy brand. Romance, beauty joy & love; these are hopes and ideals which we all aspire to. When realised, they fill us with desire, passion and renewed vigour for life. Passion is most definitely not a sin.

This Stay Sexy T shirt is my billboard to the world. It's a wake up and a call to arms. It's a state of mind and a smile on your face. It tells the world you mean business! Staying Sexy is about celebrating your uniqueness and sharing with other women a common ground, maybe not in interests but always in passion.

Myra Nicol | Stay Sexy Tee shirt These lifestyle T shirts are designed for you. Match them to your mood or any occasion. Wear them to Bed or for an inspirational Yoga Class, or maybe a sexy 'dress down Friday'.

For Summer Festivals they’re guaranteed to steal the show.

Stay Sexy / Passion T Shirts are bound to get you noticed, as will your new 'Stay Sexy' body. You can sign up for it here now. It’s exclusive - and FREE for 30 days.

Myra Nicol | Tee shirts I believe a slim, healthy toned body is every woman’s birthright. Boudoir Yoga has been packaged with beginners in mind. Each video has been lovingly filmed using 3 camera angles so you can see exactly how to exercise. It takes out the guesswork and keeps you in control of your progress.

Myra Nicol | Corset 'Sexy Shoulders', 'Botticelli Breasts', 'Sleek Stomach', 'Beautiful Buttocks' and the famous 'Luscious Legs' await you. Sign up now for your Divine Goddess and Boudoir Body Tone. It will take you through a lifetime of becoming the slimmest, sexiest and happiest version of YOU.

Boudoir Yoga

the secret of eternal youth

Myra Nicol | Boudoir Yoga

Boudoir Yoga's anti-ageing effects

Six reasons to take up Boudoir Yoga:
  • Poor posture
  • Hard to tone arms, buttocks and thighs
  • Stubborn cellulite
  • Body image issues
  • Lack of libido
  • Sleep and stress related illness
Yoga designed for YOU !

Boudoir Yoga and how it can help you

Did you know? ... menopausal changes can start as early as in your 40's, when lower oestrogen levels from the ovaries cause a change in metabolism. However, once you are on board with the Goddess Videos your body will be tricked into getting essential hormones from other parts of the body.

Boudoir Yoga has been specially designed to deeply massage the kidneys and liver where there is a back up store of oestrogen. During the practice, the adrenal and thyroid glands will also be charged to help burn up calories for a healthy weight loss.

Myra Nicol | Boudoir Yoga

Can stress cause you to gain weight?

Yes. Basically, high anxiety levels cause comfort and binge eating.

That's why I've produced the Stay Sexy: Mind Slim Audio. It's a 20 minute hypno remedy with just the right music to ensure you are in the best possible mind space to absorb the affirmations. The precise dialogue served with mellifluous tones will influence and improve your body image at the deepest level.

With practice it will train you to love your body and treat it like it should be, as your best and most valuable friend.

Sign up for FREE now and get access to Mind Slim along with the Boudoir Body Tone videos for successful weight loss.

What's different about Boudoir Yoga?

The wonderfully designed Luxury Boudoir Yoga Kit will enhance the effects of your practice. Body reflex points and specific pressure areas in the back and stomach, are stimulated to increase hormone production. There is also the effect of improved lymphatic drainage and the subsequent elimination of toxins. Boudoir Yoga also helps you spot tone quicker, without the risk of back injury.

Myra Nicol | Boudoir Yoga

How much time will I need to practice Boudoir Yoga?

I believe that any exercise must be focused, effective... and FAST! My Boudoir Yoga Videos are short, mostly under 15 minutes long, so you can do them whilst you are waiting for the dinner to cook. Boudoir Yoga really is the sexiest way to tone your body, relax your mind and get slim; all without leaving the comfort of your own boudoir. They can also libido charge your love life, but that's another story.

Myra Nicol | Body Shapes

Boudoir Yoga loves your body, whatever its shape

Dare to be pear... be happy with apple. It is not possible to change your basic shape, but there are many ways you can improve your lot by learning with Boudoir Yoga to stretch and tone the right parts. Choosing the right beachwear is essential and making sure you highlight your assets is the best way to get noticed this Summer... in a good way.

Myra Nicol | Beachwear

Five ways that Boudoir Yoga will help you get the perfect 'beach body':

  • Slims hips and improves bustline and shoulder definition for Pear Shapes
  • Deals with problem areas such as stomach and buttocks for Rectangles
  • Keeps weight in check for Hourglass and maintains balance between upper and lower body
  • Balances body shape by reducing stomach and toning bustline for Apples
  • Improves posture and develops flexibility for all body types
The best move you'll ever make is to sign up today for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL for a lifetime of beach holidays... without covering up.

Boudoir Yoga Video

Myra Nicol lives in West Sussex and has raised a family of four children alongside her 40 year Yoga Career. Starting yoga as a nurse in her late teens she was drawn to Holistic health as a means of dealing with the stress and tensions of work.

Introduced to Yoga by a friend in 1979, Myra found herself immersed in the method of BKS Iyengar (who brought Yoga to the UK in the 60's), and had the privilege of learning from a plethora of teachers who had trained with 'The Master' himself. She later qualified with 'The British Wheel of Yoga' and then went on to study with Derek Ireland of 'Ashtanga' fame. During her career she has devised programmes for Menopause, Pregnancy (Stretch & Glow) and Children (YogaZoo), but it wasn't until her late forties that the concept of 'Boudoir Yoga' emerged.

This passion (which was conceived during a period of M.E.) has blossomed into the Shining Lotus flower which is 'Stay Sexy'. You are invited with loving arms to feel its embrace in Your Life.

BOUDOIR YOGA workshops (2019) with Myra Nicol

Myra Nicol, My Brighton Hotel

Venue: My Brighton Hotel
‘Unleash your Inner Goddess’ (2019)
July - 20th | August - 17th | September- 14th | October - 19th | November - 16th

‘Stay Sexy’ Luxury Yoga Products available to buy at discounted rates. For more information please contact:

Yoga Classes | Myra Nicol BWY diploma

Yoga in West Sussex

Beginner Friendly classes for men & women at inspirational venues in Burgess Hill & Hassocks:

  • If you’ve never done Yoga before; have medical problems, or feel you’re simply not supple enough for Yoga don’t worry...
  • My 40 years of experience, Yoga therapy and nurse training will ensure that you get the best possible care. Each class is always designed for YOU
  • Expect each room to be lovingly prepared with lamps, candles and ambient music to ensure you receive the ultimate Relaxation experience
  • Recommended by GPs, osteopaths & chiropractors
  • British Wheel of Yoga Diploma, the only diploma officially recognised by the Sports Council of Great Britain Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR) and Sport England as the national Governing Body for Yoga
Trial Class £10. Block booking discounts for July/August 2019. Contact for details.

Myra Nicol | Beginner Yoga
Myra flower


Burgess Hill School for Girls

'Your health is your wealth'

Tuesday 8:15PM at Burgess Hill Girls is where you'll enjoy lots of space, warmth and a sprung wooden floor for comfort. This Beginner’s Yoga group formed in January 2019 and has become a friendly hub where ladies love to meet from the surrounding areas. Expect peace, calm and tranquillity. You'll be made to feel most welcome in this beautiful new venue.

Burgess Hill School for Girls

St Pauls College Burgess Hill

'Do something today that your future self will thank you for'

Wednesday 7PM at St Pauls is where you’ll find the best Yoga experience in Burgess Hill. The Drama rehearsal room is carpeted and dressed to perfection with subdued lighting and candles. It gives a feeling of being gently nurtured into the world of Yoga Bliss. St Pauls College Burgess Hill Like all of the venues it’s a hop from the car, so no parking worries.


Profiles Beauty Salon Hassocks

'Relax, breathe and let go'

Saturday 11:15AM at Profiles Studio is where you’ll find the most chilled space for Yoga. Let go of the hustle and bustle of Saturday shopping and chores. Re-set, recharge and unwind with Myra’s easy to follow Yoga session.

Profiles Beauty Salon Hassocks

Diffused organic aromatherapy oils are used during relaxation

Experience the ultimate feeling of peace and harmony

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West Sussex, UK