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With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

Yoga designed for women .. by a woman

I'd love to share with you secrets of how you can sail through your life with ease and style. The women I've coached over the years have reported not just a slimmer more flexible body but a profound shift in how they feel about themselves. The body changing experience of Boudoir Yoga has magically transformed their lives and healed their relationships. It's because of these success stories and the wonderful support of these beautiful souls that I'm now ready to share my passion with the world

Boudoir Yoga isn't about doing the postures perfectly or having the best body. The art of Boudoir Yoga is connecting with who you really are and learning to breathe again. It's the icing on the cake if you're already doing yoga - and perfect if you're new to stretching. Boudoir Yoga is the ultimate Anti-ageing System for mind & body. Read on and find out how you can be part of the new 'love your body' Revolution.




Myra Nicol is the creator of Boudoir Yoga Videos & the life changing Mindslim audio



Stay Sexy Slim Plan in top quality audio and video format for beginners.

A unique way of getting slim while your relax, getting more energy for life & love

MindSlim Audio 20 minutes relaxing (daily practice)

  • deal with the stress and tiredness which stops you from feeling motivated.
  • go deep to tap into any subconscious patterns which cause you to overeat.
  • Feel good about yourself and your body..and then see how you want to eat less


Boudoir Yoga - Toning and Sensual Body Warm up plus the energising Morning Sequence (3-5 times a week)

  • A unique 20 minute toning class. Multi angle video for easy following
  • Body specific exercises that are easy on your back
  • Toning/Sensual Body Warm ups are suitable for M.E. fibromyalgia. Consult with doctor first 


 Body Brushing  amazing tutorial video ( 3 times per week using Stay Sexy recommended brush. Never brush during your period)

  • 10 minute treatment to break down cellulite giving you the perfect beach body
  • improve lymphatic drainage to balance your hormone level
  • brush safely without pain or fear of skin damage

Individual retail -  £70.

Special for You  - £48 

Yoga designed for you

Myra Nicol Stiletto Chilly Beach
With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

Staying Sexy... isn't that what life is all about? Retaining your joie de vivre

I think so, and that's why, throughout my life I’ve looked to find what works for me as a woman. When it wasn’t there I created it, which led to the creation of my Stay Sexy brand.

Inspiration, beauty, truth, joy & love; these are ideals which, when discovered fill us with hope, renewed vigour and a determination to keep on going.

Freedom from guilt for all women is so important and as we get older with fewer family commitments there will be more time to do the things that really matter to us, making our heart sing and feeding the soul. My latest T shirt says it loud ‘Passion is not a Sin’

Being ‘In the zone’ now becomes ‘in the boudoir’as we start to condition our minds to think of ourselves as sexy, feminine and exciting creatures. Staying Sexy is about celebrating our uniqueness and sharing with other women a common ground; maybe not in interests but in always in passion


Myra Nicol Stay Sexy Flowy Boxy T-shirt 'Passion' with Jeans

As you start to live the Stay Sexy life very soon you’ll be feeling ‘in love' with yourself. With this new vibration of mind the world will respond accordingly, appearing happier, safer and feeling like a better place to be.

Myra Nicol Mermaid Neck

Once you’ve tasted the freedom of Staying Sexy - you’ll never look back.  Extreme self care, passions, new challenges will be what you crave and live for and guilt free  ‘Passion is not a sin’ will become your daily mantra.

Myra Nicol Boudoir Yoga Stay Sexy Racer Back Vest 'Festival'

Show the world how you feel.

Stay Sexy is about you, me and all women sharing together a Love Revolution as we move into the New Age.

Change, Empowerment and learning to be yourself.. with style.


With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

Boudoir Yoga - Body Toning Products


Boudoir Yoga - Specific Body Toning Routines

With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

Boudoir Yoga - Whole Body Toning Routines


The Stay Sexy Passion Selection

With my Stay Sexy Six week Diet Plan you can lose weight for good....

The Stay Sexy Groovy Festival Selection